Top 10 Dog Breeds With SUPERPOWER

Top 10 Dog Breeds With SUPERPOWER

#10. Rottweiler
#9. Dogo Argentino
#8. Boerboel
#7. English Mastiff
#6. Caucasian Shepherd
#5. Alabai
#4. Tosa Inu

Evalk – Salvation
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Cutes dogs | Cutest dog in the world | Cute dogs clips 2016

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Choices: What Pet Food To Choose

Once you start looking at all the offerings, confusion is probably not far behind. You start questioning do I get freeze-dried, air-dried, or dehydrated. Let’s look at each. First and foremost they are all without moisture, but not interchangeable as terms go.

Air dried pet food is a unique process. It’s like making jerky, you hang it and let it dry at room temperature. The air drying process does not damage proteins, vitamins, nutrients, or enzymes. It simply removes moisture.

Now freeze-dried pet food and the process is more complicated. Raw food is placed in a pressurized chamber and frozen. The process is known as sublimation (ice converts directly into a water vapor, skipping the liquid phase). This process has no changes to the food. It is a very slow process, but as stated, it does not change the food structure, and it gives the food very shelf stable. To feed simply crumble (patties or nuggets) and add water.

Dehydrated pet food basically takes raw food, and gently removes the moisture by utilizing low heat so as not to break down the nutrients and enzymes. Again like making jerky. Also to feed, you need to re-hydrate.

So what’s the difference? The temperature of the processes is the main difference. While freeze-dried foods don’t necessarily need to be rehydrated for feeding, Most will agree that increased moisture to any of these products is key to the health and wellness of our beloved pets.

Some will ask if these foods are considered raw. Air dried and freeze-dried would be considered raw, while dehydrated, due to the heat used, would probably not qualify. Questions regarding the ingredients or preparation should be directed to the company website. Most will detail ingredient information (sourcing, safety, and process used to manufacture).

Most of these products are complete and balanced diets. I can not stress enough to check the labels to ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients needed for a balanced diet. You can also see which food your pets like. I have a few finicky pets.

A few other considerations in making your choice are price, weight, storage. Freeze-dried foods are pricey, because of the process of manufacture. The lightweight and long shelf-life are the advantages. It gets your attention when a 5 lb bag of freeze-dried dog food rehydrates to about 25 lbs, or a 25 lb bag equals 125 lbs.

So do your homework on the products out there. See what your furry friend likes. And enjoy.


My Dog Was Lost, But Now He Is Found

I realized after an hour that my nine year old Miniature Schnauzer was missing. To my dismay the door was left ajar after I had brought in a large bag of dog food into the house from the car. It was now getting dark and after several neighbors and I had searched up and down the street and in the alley, we did not find him. Friends called other friends making it a community effort. We had walked, then driven around our neighborhood. He was nowhere to be found.

It was hard to realize that my dog was missing. My emotions ran wild, thinking that something terrible had happened to him. I expected the worst of what may have happen, having him hit by a car or killed by a wild animal. Then when he didn’t come home and it was getting late, I didn’t know what else I could do. He is like family and I wanted him safe at home with me.

Worried about how he must be feeling, all lonely and cold and hungry I reported his being lost to the police, the pet shelter, the radio station and also posted his disappearance on social media listing his description to reach out to others about my dilemma. He had a dog tag on his collar with his name “Sparky” and address and phone number. I know that if anyone would find him they would certainly call. I had a hard time trying to sleep wondering were he could be. He had never ran away to the point of not coming right back, before. Feeling so responsible I starting looking up information on the internet to pass the time away.

I kept reading because I felt strongly that I would recover where my dog has gone. I felt that I would find him and my instincts proved that to be true.

I did fall asleep and awoke to a phone call asking if my dog “Sparky” was lost. She had seen my post on social media. One of my friends was her friend but not knowing she would be the one to find my dog. He had wandered a mile and a half away crossing a major, busy avenue and was found in a women’s garage this morning under her car. She said they had left the garage door open during the night and her little girl saw a black dog run under the car from the window. They had a hard time getting him out from under the car. The little girl finally got him to come out to her.

They brought him to my house. He was a dirty dog and very scared, but so happy to see me and be home at last.


Misfit Island

Our small animal rescue in Deep East Texas has been laid to waste. It came under attack soon after my animal-loving mother passed away. She told me when she was ready to cross ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and I held her as her spirit flowed through me and was absorbed back into universal energy.

It has only been a month since her memorial service at the veterans’ cemetery in Dallas and already all 10 Misfits are in new or temporary housing. Three are with me and I can only keep one in the place I was able to secure with little money or notice.

Mom lived at in Nacogdoches, Texas, for 10 years and I joined her for the last five. We rescued dozens of dogs, birds, horses and even a few funny donkeys: Pedro, Easter and Spork. Each animal came and gradually became a part of our pack.

We started 5 years ago but my mother has been rescuing all our lives. Losing Mom took the wind out of all our sails. We drag through so many days under the black emotional fog of grief. Nothing is as harsh as watching the Misfits follow Mom in the hearse when the coroner came for her that late February morning.

My mother had the ideas and I executed them. At one point, we had 20 rescues running through our camp and it felt like a zoo. Placing seven brought us down to 13. After losing Lexi, Riley and Winston, there are ten of us.

Now, well into 2018, it’s time to start a whole new plan-one that hasn’t been designed yet. We need to grow gradually or it can get overwhelming. Without Mom in my care, I could probably handle 10 to 20 depending on the set-up and budget.

Six Misfits are on their new journeys and four of us remain united. I can’t hide them forever but it’s sweet to be together these last few days and couch surfing nights. We sleep like a puzzle and I hang my arm over the side so Lucky can sleep touching me. Heaven on Earth.

It has become clear that the final pieces of the new design haven’t appeared yet. It will work itself out if it was meant to be. That’s the law of the universe. We need to secure a permanent place and set up. The past five years have been an education in rescuing, I’m ready to graduate with a Masters in Misfits.


Train Your Dog to Play With His Toys In a Nice Way And Not Destroy Them

A dog that destroys his toys.

Do you have a toy destroyer dog? Are you spending a lot of money buying expensive dog toys and you see how he converts them to small pieces in just minutes? Well let me tell you that you might think this is a highly expensive dog hobby to afford, not to mention that it will harm you dog because he may consume the small destroyed pieces of plastic, wood or whatever the material of the toy is. It also makes your dog has less toys to play, thus he’ll start chewing bigger things like your home furniture. In this article I’ll try to help you solve that problem, so that your dog can still enjoy his toys in a safer way.

The strategy to avoid this aggressive behaviour.

The strategy I’m about to explain you is excellent for that type of dog called “happy go lucky”, these type of dogs enjoy destroying things all the time. In case you have another type of dog: stressed and sensitive and toys protectors, this technique won’t work. So the first thing to understand is about the appropriate toys you should get for your strong chewing dog. Buying the proper toys for these kind of animals, will be more secure for him and less expensive for your pocket. The key here is to get bigger toys of what you use to buy him.

Teach him the right way to play with his toys.

So you get nice toys for your dog, now is the time to teach him how to have fun with them without destroying them. Sometimes the most strongest toys in the market are no challenge for strong chewing dogs. So to begin with ask him to do a trick he knows or just to sit. In the event he complies, just give him the toy and stay there with him. If he plays normally with the toy give him a treat as prize. When I say playing normally I mean mouthing the toy or moving the toy nicely. But if he starts to destroy the toy, just say eh! or hey! to make him stop. When he starts playing nicely with the toy again, reward him again and stay there with him until he stops playing with the toy. After that hide the toy so he can’t find it, and start the routine the next training session. Do this in front of the TV, to get better results.

What is he doesn’t pay attention to you when playing with the toy.

In case he doesn’t stop the destroying behavior when you say eh! or hey! you can try clapping your hands to change his focus to you. The most important thing here is not to punish your dog, but to stop him the aggressive behavior. Don’t do this in case your dog looks very tense when chewing, this means that your pet has very string issues of safeguarding. In the event the clapping doesn’t work, spray him quickly with a spray bottle containing water.

What to do when the toy is new.

Don’t leave your dog alone when you get him a new toy. You need to be sure that he has understand that a new toy is not something he just can destroy. You may experience that he might learn the lesson for old toys, but not for new ones, so apply the technique for new toys as well until you notice he plays nicely with the new ones as well. After you notice the progress start leaving him alone with the strongest toys for short periods of time. What will happen is that you’ll keep him busy and prevent him of getting anxious. After some time, you’ll notice your dog will start playing nicely with these strong toys, thus you can start giving him other types of toys he might enjoy to play with. Remember to apply the technique every time you bring him a new one regardless if it’s a strong one or a normal one.

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Grain or No Grain? That Is the Question

Over a period of time dogs can develop food allergies. Gluten intolerance affects all breeds of dogs. Some breeds may suffer from Celiac Disease. Gluten makes up about 80% of the protein found in wheat. A wheat allergy is often not considered by dog owners, even though gluten and lectins found in wheat can create big health problems.

Watch out for fillers, including wheat grains, gluten, barley, rye, corn, and contaminated oats. Responsible dog owners read the ingredient list printed on the dog food package to know what’s in the food they are feeding their beloved pets.

On the No List of ingredients are artificial flavors and preservatives. The names are sometimes not easy to recognize. Some dog food companies try to hide or disguise these ingredients on the label. Learn the names of artificial flavors and preservatives so you can stay away from brands that use the No List ingredients.

Look for ingredients that are real, with names you can pronounce–salmon and beef. Your dog will like those, too! Your dog has an appreciation of taste and flavor just like you do, for example, some dogs like beef, other dogs prefer chicken. Don’t waste your money and your dog’s taste buds on sub-par food with lots of by-products and fillers. There are also antibiotic free meats such as turkey, venison, and bison that are hormone free. Try organic dog friendly vegetables like sweet potatoes.

Once you have decided on a grain-free food with all the vitamins and minerals, and none of the gluten and wheat grains, it’s time to begin the transition from the old food to the new food. For about a week, mix the old dog food with the new dog food, reducing the amount of old food to new food gradually until you are filling your dog’s bowl with only the new food.

When you feed healthier dog foods it might cost more in the beginning. But, you get more useable nutrition which will keep your dog more full and your dog will eat less in the long run, thus reducing the cost of food. Not to mention saving on vet bills. You might want to investigate the dog food manufacturer’s for recalls. Some have fewer recalls than others.

Buy your pet food from a reputable dealer rather than big box stores. You will get better service and more reputable manufacturers. Plus, employees will be more knowledgable and able to assist you with your choices.


Physical Activities For Dogs

Everyone wants their pets to be fit and healthy. As wonderful as dogs can be, they are famous for missing the point. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. There are many games and exercises that can contribute to the fitness of your pets. These activities will not only make them fit, but will also bring an excitement in both of yours lives.

Walk With The Dog – Instead of walking your dog, have your dog walk you. Go wherever your dog goes. It can be great exercise for you as well. You can also go for runs, which can increase your as well as the dog’s stamina.

Tracking Clues – Not all dogs are tracking breeds, but just about any dog can participate in the sport of tracking, a competitive event for dogs and handlers. A scent trail is laid out hours before competition. Numerous clues are left for the dog to follow through and something as a reward is placed at the end of the trails.

Playing With Other Dogs – The best form of activity is the one where dogs can naturally move their body. Playing with fellow dogs can be one of them. They’ll not only exercise but also enjoy the time.

Teaching Fun Behaviours – Mental exercises are always the best. You can teach your dog exercises like high-fiving or bowing or command by hand. After obedience commands have been taught, cognitive challenges tend to drop off.

Dancing With Your Dog – A dance routine can really cheer you and your dog up. This can energize you and your dog as you both dance away to your favourite tunes.

Indoor Agility – You can set up a makeshift agility course in your house with things like chairs and broom poles (jumps), a mat (for a makeshift pause table), cones or boxes (weave poles), and blankets over the space between the couch and the coffee table (tunnel). Or you can buy an indoor agility set. Either way, it is very useful.

Hide and seek – You can have great fun playing hide and seek with your dog. Put your dog in stay until you can hide and then call him to find you. It can also enhance the dog’s mental abilities.

Stairs – One of the most effective exercise for your dog indoors. Make it go up and down the stairs to burn those extra calories.


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