The only nutritionally BALANCED homemade dog food (featuring 5 AAFCO tested recipes)

The only nutritionally BALANCED homemade dog food (featuring 5 AAFCO tested recipes)

AS SEEN ON TV! While some untested and unproven recipes for making home-made dog food exist, these are the only recipes that are veterinary developed and approved and have undergone humane AAFCO feeding trials at Cal Poly Pomona University. Don’t take your chances with you dogs’ nutrition – It All Starts with Nutrition. Visit to order what you need to get started right away!
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  1. Your goal would be met even more if you provided the recipe including the amount and types of added nutrients as opposed to adding your 'nutrient blend'. Some people would still buy your blend for convenience, just like they buy seasoning blends in the store.

    Helping people to have the ability to further self reliance would make you a more trusted company. When I see 'proprietary blend' on any label, it automatically creates distrust for me. I don't see that as an attempt to help people, I see that as an attempt to make money and I see fear that your customer might come more educated that you like.

  2. Visit
    I watch you video very carefully more than one time. Where you very clearly present how make high quality homemade dog food. From your channel i learned how to make health homemade dog food very easy way.
    If you think homemade dog may not proper nutrition ratio. Don’t worry; I give a ratio bellow of nutrition that you can use for home made dog food. This homemade best food for Siberian husky you use any age of dogs. Like: Puppy, Middle and Large dog. So let’s go how make very easy way home made best dog food.

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  6. Cooking food for animals that have a digestion system to eat raw food. Complete with enzymes that consume foods that arent what you would eat.
    Cooking the nutrition out of food and making sure it is "clean" for a animal that is a scavenger in the wild is ridiculous.

    The dog doesnt know or care that you cooked it either. Million years on this planwt and what the heck would they know, right?

  7. I love the idea… But $20 is way too much for a recipe and some nutrient powder. I might pay $8

  8. YES … because the ancestors of our dogs cooked their food before eating!
    BARF ( biologically appropriate raw food) diet is the healthiest most natural way to feed dogs and cats! Good grief … do some research here people!
    Don't buy into cooked food!

  9. i live in toronto canada did you sell the diy packet outside usa when i can find the home number if any body know i will apreciated thank

  10. If you find your dogs end up getting skin issues from this food take them off it for a few weeks. Our dogs developed major yeast issues and had hair on their face fall out. Waaaay too much sweet potato in the beef recipe. Also, the issue with not making food yourself is that you can't control that actual quality of the beef. I was never able to get certainty from the Just Food for Dogs people regarding hormones etc in the food. Certainly the veggies are not organic so pesticides are also an influence.

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