Confronting Richard | Dog Whisperer

Jillian Michaels has a new chihuahua and is in need of Cesar’s help again.
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From London to the Jersey shore, Cesar Millan travels far and wide this season to help problem pups, including those of Kelsey Grammer, Jillian Michaels and Hugh Hefner. Watch as Cesar uses his uncanny skills to rehabilitate dogs and train people to achieve a balanced and natural relationship between humans and their pets.

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Confronting Richard | Dog Whisperer

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20 Replies to “Confronting Richard | Dog Whisperer”

  1. The so called "Dog Whisperer" does little to promote the REAL way to "raise" a fur baby that is sociallbly appropriate. If we invest as much "HEART" into their upbringing as they extend for ALL of their precious little lives we would have absolutely no NEED for someone as cruel as this so called professional. I have raised hundreds of animals throughout my life – almost all of them throw aways by their previous HEARTLESS owners – and never did I have one fur baby that was not affectionate & loyal beyond belief. If only we would remember ONE simple fact about children & animals; you only get the BABY you raise! It is NEVER the fur baby's fault … their undesirable behavioural issues are ALWAYS the fault of poor parenting skills! If you have a dog that bites, this fur baby feels insecure … they are merely trying retain their security in the only way they know how. Take time with your fur baby to reinforce how loved & valued they are to you and introduce outsiders as non-threatening individuals & they will follow your lead.

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