Consultant psychiatrist Lynne Drummond explains the symptoms of anxiety, why it becomes a problem for some people, and the psychological and drug treatments for it.
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Charlamagne shares how he achieves moments of stillness to fight off anxiety throughout the day. Plus, guest Beth talks about her daily stresses as a mom of two. Find out one of Charlamagne’s tips for reducing anxiety.

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Video Rating: / 5

23 Replies to “Anxiety”

  1. Did anybody notice charlamagne doing the 666 sign? When he say – third girl pray for me,watch his finger placement and youll se what in talking about..

    2:30 min in hes throwing up the 666

  2. Something I've learned is worry and fear are our body's way of protection…but the thing is they usually represent things that will never happen; but may become a reality based on our thoughts i.e worry…fear.

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