Infected Dog Bite to the Hand

This patient presented to the ER the day after being bit in the right hand by her own dog. As you can see there is already signs of infection (swelling, redness, and a streak of redness going up the forearm)
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  1. If you see red streaks going down the place of an infection, that’s a problem. Jesus, if you got bit by a dog you would think you would have the sense to go to the er. I don’t wanna be rude, but for real… you should’ve gone sooner. Haha, I feel bad 😞 but however now just make sure your dogs 🐕 know that mama is da boss! 😂

  2. My mother used to say "never let the sun go down on an animal bite". Get to an emergency room IMMEDIATELY. It needs to be opened, cleaned and treated with antibiotics ASAP. Waiting till the infection sets in risks losing a limb.

  3. I was bitten by my dog earlier this year and despite going straight to A&E and having the wounds cleaned and starting antibiotics I still ran into problems. Two days later I was admitted for IV antibiotics and surgery. They opened up two fingers joints and the palm of my hand and irrigated them to remove as much infected material as possible. The wounds were then dressed but not closed and put into a cast and allowed to heal by second intention. The cast was removed twice a week, wounds redressed and cast applied again for four weeks. Even now, four months on, I still do not have full mobility or sensation in parts of my hand. Anyone getting a bite from an animal, or human, needs to seek medical assessment at the earliest opportunity.

  4. If anybody can answer this please do! I got bitten yesterday right at the bottom of my index finger, dog managed to puncture the skin but not deep at all. Drew a little blood. But my whole index finger is still swollen and kind of painful. It hit bone as under index finger tjere isnt much skin. There's no sign of infection! Will the swelling go ?

  5. if dogs or cats are fighting please do not put your hand in. for cats loud noise or spray with water will set them apart.

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