How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash

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20 Replies to “How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash”

  1. Love this video, but I think it's a little unrealistic. Biscuit isn't hyper and pulling like a lot of dogs who need this training…

  2. My poodle will try and eat trash whenever we go on a walk. Last night, he was caught eating gum, so I really need your help!

  3. Let's add that dogs, like horses, know when they are being handled by someone who knows how to handle them with loving authority. If they sense you don't have the ability dogs and horses will work you like a boss

  4. Gosh I love your videos!! I've been binge watching your videos in preparation for my puppy I'm getting a week before Christmas! Is it possible to make a video about tips for owning an Australian Shepherd? Either way, thank you!!

  5. Great advice! I've usually trained walking in leash by completely stopping walking when the dog pulls (so they learn they have to walk back a little bit if they wanna get anywhere) and then use a shorter and shorter leash until they walk by my left foot. It has always worked, that is until I got my newest foster puppy who is terrified of cars (I have reason to believe she has been hit by one as she's currently being diagnosed for a knee damage by vets and her tail is deformed). Because of this, she goes bananas on walks so my regular methods haven't worked at all. All the other dogs have understood that we need to walk in the same pace while she is so distracted by her surroundings often combined with fear, also she's barely able to focus on me on walks. I'll try this method and hopefully Barbie will learn to ignore her surroundings a little better 😄

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