((DR)) Nikolai Ivanov SHSL Dog

((DR)) Nikolai Ivanov SHSL Dog

[Dogs are the most loyal and loving creatures a human can make bonds with] ► Name : Nikolai Ivanov ► Gender : Male [He/Him] ► Age : 19 ► Height : 692″ ► Ultimate: [Dog Whisperer] By using operant conditioning techniques, Dog whisperers can shape behavior to p…

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Yes! Dogs Get Emotionally Attached To You

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. And undoubtedly, they are! They are always there when you need them and never let you feel alone. They can really lighten up someone’s mood. Their love is endless. The world has witnessed many stories which tell us how a dog is incomplete with its parent.

A man in New Jersey suffering from clinical depression, read about the beneficial presence of dogs and brought a golden retriever home. He suddenly started feeling responsible and felt this strong need to live.

This is just one example. Dogs have been very faithful to men since ages.

It is seen that many times pet owners too develop a relationship with their pet, similar to that of a parent and child. This bond is called “secure base effect”.

Sometimes dogs are very cautious and careful in the beginning but they can sometimes be goofy and overdo it. But they will be fine once they get comfortable around you.

For most dogs, the attachment they feel towards their owner is fundamental to their well-being. It is studied that while dogs enjoy each other’s company, human attention is what they crave. You may not realize when your dog gets too much attached to you, and that attachment becomes intense to an extent that if you leave your dog for even a day or two, they stop behaving normal. They stop playing. They stop eating. All they need that time is you.

Puppies can sometimes get along with you immediately, if you spend time with them and treat them well. It is very natural for a dog to bond with its owner and if both of them trust each other, then the process happens very quickly. And from there start a happy love story as with time that puppy becomes an irreplaceable part of your life.

Sometimes when dogs are in stress due to some reason they can become very clingy. Older dogs can also show clinginess and over attachment because of deteriorating senses. That is the time when you need to understand them well and take proper care of them. They need you that time, and you should be there with them.

With all the love dogs give us, we should give them the same love in return. We should give them enough time, go on walks with them and play with them. Give them hugs and talk to them. It’s a beautiful world with a dog as a pet. Cherish that.

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Things You Need to Know Before Welcoming Your New Pet

Maybe it’s their big googly eyes or that cuddly fur that you fell in love with. Well, every pet in this world has that magnetic eyes which can swoop you right off your legs to fall for them. Evey furry cute companion in this universe have psychic powers (well, that’s what we think). Most of you might have experienced the same when you visited the farm or the animal shelter to pick your first pet. Each and every baby animal has that eagerness in their eyes which indulges deep into our heart and conveys a secret message “take me home”.

Pets are adorable and are the walking vessels of love and care. But, are you sure that your pet is happy enough? Whether it’s a dog or a cat or any other domestic animal of your choice, they require some basic needs other than food and water to stay healthy and happy or more likely you can say ‘being home’. A recent survey states that most of the pets in the US were given as gifts on holidays. But, only a few still had a home at the time of thanksgiving. So, here are things you need to know before welcoming your new pet…

• Proceed Only If You Can Commit

A dog will live for 12 -15 years and cats even more. Well, your pal is gonna be around you for a really long time. They might seem adorable and compact-able when they are still babies but, this wouldn’t be the same when they grow up. They’ll ask for more play area and would have an enormous appetite.

Taking care of your pet is a responsibility. Well, if you are a person who often runs away from responsibilities, then just back out from getting a pet. Commit yourself that you’ll protect and look after your furry friend till his/her last breath.

• Can You Afford a Pet?

This is one of the essential questions you should ask yourself before getting a pet. Well, you might snatch away your new pal with a great deal but, what about the future expenses? This might include food, worming, health checkups, vet bills, medications, shampoos, toys, apparel, beds, and much more. And yeah, don’t forget about those emergency medical situations too.

If you find your budget sufficient enough to take care of all his/her needs, then proceed further. Adopting a pet is just like adopting a kid, and you need to take care of it as precious as you take care of your kids. So, if you are finding it difficult to meet the ends at every month ending then, drop the plan.

• Does Your Building Allows Pets?

This happens with most of the bachelors or single independent ones out there. They get their pet without confirming it with the landlord or the apartment authorities. They’ll even succeed in sneaking the pet to live with them for a few months. But, when the landlord finds out this, it isn’t only them who are left homeless but the pets too.

Make sure to approach your landlord about getting a new pet. Ask him to update the lease of the building. If he or she won’t budge on the pet situation, then it would be wise to either drop the plan or move to a new home which allows pets.

• How Experienced are You with Pets?

Do you have any history with pets? If you have, then bringing a new pet wouldn’t be much of a problem. But, when you are a newbie, there are a lot of things you need to know. Understand that your pet too has a personality and can experience mood swings. If not taken care properly there is even a chance that your pet might fall into depression.

Do proper research both online and offline. Jot down all the important things you find like, the quantity of food, the time they require a bath, name of vaccinations and medicines for emergencies and much more… Taking care of older dogs are easier than taking care of puppies. Puppies are more like explorers packed with a lot of energy. They’ll explore and taste anything they come across. So, prepare yourself for a puppy tummy poisoning.

• Vet on Hotline

Before you decide on the type of pet that suits you, ask your friends to recommend a vet. A veterinarian can provide you with excellent information on what kind of pet you must go for. Try to maintain a good relation with the vet as he can be on your phones hotline if something shows up on your pet at odd hours.

• Does Your Home Has Enough Space?

Getting a bigger pet for a condo that you own will make living miserable for both him and you. Depending on your pet, make sure you provide enough space for him/her to move freely and relax. But, if you don’t have any plan or chance to change your current living condition, then inviting a furry companion can be hell on earth.

Also, make sure that your pet is getting proper and regular exercise. All those foods and no play will make your pet obese. This will create more complications in the future. Get all the pet accessories and toys ready even before his/her arrival.


Getting a pet will be the best decision you’ll ever take in your life. He/she will be a constant giver of positivity and upside to your life. Other than the cutest side of pets, they can help you reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases and anxiety issues. There’ll be a lesser chance of depression and other mental issues. Well, who doesn’t love pets!

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Some Things To Know About Professional Dog Walking

The number of households with dogs is forever increasing, and for many of these households finding the time to take the dog out for the daily walks it needs is sometimes understandably too much to cope with. This has lead to a great increase in popularity of professional dog walking services. A professional dog walker should be a caring person with a great deal of experience, working with, owning and looking after their own dogs as well as other, and of course a genuine affection for the animals.

A lot of things have to be taken into consideration when beginning professional dog walking. It is always a good idea to have insurance to protect your well being, should a dog you are walking happen to cause damage to a property or even attack and injure another dog. If you are a dog walker, it is a good idea to be able to provide a full and current Criminal background check report to any potential clients as the job often consists of collecting dogs from client homes and therefore holding/carrying property keys.

In regard to charges for professional dog walking services for a single dog, some locations can warrant rather costly rates than others. However the rate of charge per dog decreases with the increase in the number of dogs being walked. Length or distance of walks also plays a large factor in cost per walk. You might want to think about offering shorter distance or briefer time walks for ageing or smaller dogs as they do not require extended periods of exercise that most other bigger and fitter dogs do.

It is highly recommended that no more than four dogs should be walked by a single person at any one time. If you were to walk five or more dogs at any one time there is the likelihood of creating a pack mentality within the group and quite a disturbance can be created between a number, if not, all of the dogs. Perhaps even more importantly, if you are walking a larger group of dogs, the chances of the walker’s commands being heard and obeyed diminishes the larger the group is. All these factors have lead to a number of city councils laying down legal restrictions as to how many dogs can be walked at any given time by a single person. The maximum restriction in most cases is four dogs.

Before walking a dog you should ensure that they are wearing the correct collar and also that it is not damaged and could break during the walk or cause the dog any discomfort when the walker pulls on the lead. It is also important to be sure you are using the correct length of lead for the particular size and height of the dog to help the walker maintain full control at all times. Leads are of course a must when walking a dog down a street, next to a road or town centre, but what about in large open spaces such as fields? It is highly recommended that a dog only be taken off the lead and aloud to run free if the walker is confident that the dog will respond and obey when he or she calls the dog back.

Another important issue these days is of course picking up after the dog you are walking. As a dog walker its is your duty to pick up any poo left behind by the dog(s) you may be walking which means having a strong supply of waste bags a hand at all times. And of course after picking up the mess you should dispose of the waste in the correct manner. Many parks are now littered with appropriate dumping bins which are designed especially for dog mess.

All in all dog walking can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for both the walker and the dog, not to mention the relief given to pet owners who employ a professional dog walking service. Walks are a necessity in a dog’s life, just as much as water and nutritional food. A healthy and active lifestyle can lead to the animal being an all round calmer, more relaxed, obedient and happy pet for the owner to enjoy.

We are a loving and caring service that enjoys looking after and spending time with pets. We offer a range of pet services including: dog walking, pet sitting and pet visits. vist the site of wolverhampton dog walker Eleanor.

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